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As  a solution provider for High Integrity  Pressure  Protection  System  , we are capable  to effectively  contribute to  HIPPS project by providing quality products  and  superior services . HIPPS  is a part of  SIS  and  is designed to prevent overpressure by shutting -off the source and capturing the pressure in  the upstream side of  the system  ,  thus providing  a barrier between the High Pressure and Low Pressure sides.

The HIPPS includes the entire instrument loop from the sensors through the logic solver to  final elements  for  performing  the necessary action to bring the process back to a safe state .In order to reach desired fail-safe condition, SIS standards including IEC61508 & 61511 and ISAS84.01 shall be followed.

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Product Description

HIPPS Advantages

  • Weight and cost reduction for piping and vessels downstream the HIPPS

  • Reduces or eliminates the necessity to install relief devices
  • Prevents overpressure on every kind of downstream equipments

Our HIPPS Main Characteristics

  • Up to SIL 4 HIPPS Package

  • Fast Closing Shutdown Valves
  • Fail-Safe Actuators

  • Full & Partial Stroking Test Facilities

  • Two-out-three (2oo3) or two-out-four (2oo4) Voting Sensors

  • Solid State or Programmable Logic Solver

  • Skid-mounted System, if required.

What We Do

  • Engineering Design and Integration

  • Project Management
  • Functional Safety Engineering

  • SIL Calculation & Verification

  • SIL Validation at Job Site

  • Manufacturing and Supply of HIPPS Components

  • Integration, Fabrication & Testing


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