About Herious FZE Company

We understand that the concept of time is part of the fundamentals of our universe ; we understand the potential power and awe of the present moment and believe that action delivers results; therefore Herious FZE is dedicated to utilizing every instance of time to its full potential to reach the goals of its clients . We appreciate our history with the same intensity as we look forward to our future and value our present success.


Our Services

Turnkey is the cornerstone of our business. Herious FZE lends itself to ensure well-times and superior performance all over the procurement phase of the projects. We will act in a good faith that our customers delegate their “P” to us.
Our supply operation has tried to meet the demand of  power industries that extremely require high levels of flexibility. Herious FZE as a service company specialized in procurement and supply provides a wide range of materials and equipments.
Herious FZE is well appointed to keep pace with technology and quality requirements of mega projects in   power industries when procurement engineering and technical evaluation of the bidders’ offerings embody a significant part of the purchasing process.
Herious FZE offers outsourcing services for the special material or equipment. Thanks to its globally spread supply chain and comprehensive database of the manufacturers and suppliers, Herious FZE‘s outclass outsourcing services has empowered its customers to reduce and control their costs along with focuses on their core business.

Latest News

Visit Us at ADIPEC 2014

We will be exhibiting at ADIPEC 2014 from 10-13 November. The ADIPEC Exhibition ranked amongst top 3  events in the world and situated at the crossroads of East meets West.

ADIPEC is more than just an […]