Company Overview

We understand that the concept of time is part of the fundamentals of our universe; we understand the potential power and awe of the present moment and believe that action delivers results ; therefore Herious FZE is dedicated to utilizing every instance of time to its full potential to reach the goals of its clients.


We appreciate our history with the same intensity as we look forward to our future and value our present success.In the world of tight schedules , limited resources and high performance expectations , there are not so many who can deliver what they claim ; but those who can , become the pioneers of modern business.


With this philosophy , Herious FZE was established with the aim of being the best aid a customer can get on the way toward its goals. Herious FZE , as a Solution Provider in Energy Industries, with outstanding experience complied with latest international scales and near totality products portfolio serves in a wide range of industrial sectors such as:


  • Power
  • Steel


Financial stability coupled with knowledge of market and years of business practice has given us the ability to be able to adjust swiftly to any dynamic market and act globally proactive in the marketplace.
We go about our jobs with a passion for delivering results that exceed our customers ’ expectations . We deal with the best staff and most renowned brands and corporations to ensure the highest standards .Even though the competition is tight, Herious FZE holds a clear-cut competitive advantage: